Powerglide High Gear Clutch Drum, 8 Clutch Design W Piston



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Powerglide High Gear Clutch Drum, 8 Clutch Design W Piston

New for the 2022 Race season, we are proud to announce an industry changing drum design. Currently, most builders stay away from running a 10-clutch setup in the high drum. This is due to the extreme parasitic drag and binding issues on the 1-2 and 2-1 shift. The current options either meant running 8 or 9 frictions or slowing down the car and running 10 frictions. Our new oversized piston design gives you the best of both worlds, 10 clutch holding capacity with no additional parasitic drag than an 8-clutch setup.

Rather than relying on flashy marketing and smoke and mirrors, we use math and theory to deliver the message! Let’s discuss how our new design gets the job done! By clean sheet designing our new Powerglide high clutch drum we were able to increase the piston diameter by almost 33%. As we know the mathematical calculation for force is FORCE = Line Pressure X Piston Area. By increasing the piston surface area by 33% and running 8 frictions, our holding capacity is more than that of 10 frictions using a stock piston diameter. The added benefit of running 8 frictions with more piston surface area means that when the piston is not pressurized, there are only 8 frictions spinning and therefore no increased drag when not applied. Running 10 frictions is a gain of 22% whereas our piston gives you 33%. You get maximum clutch capacity with minimal drag!! With this design, you, resulting in the strongest Powerglide high clutch setup you can buy anywhere. You can have your cake and eat it too!

You can also choose to run 6 or 7 frictions and have the same or more holding capacity as 8 or 9 frictions and with even less drag. This requires a custom clutch stack up. So many options, so little drag!

  • Clean Sheet, industry exclusive design
  • Drop in design, works in any stock or aftermarket Powerglide
  • High Performance Steel Alloy
  • Billet Stock Piston Design or 33% Oversized Billet Piston
  • Machined for roller bearing front pump design
  • Micro-finished band apply surface area for clean band apply and release
  • Custom Calibrated Return Springs
  • Used OEM seals for standard piston or custom piston seals for oversized piston design (included)
  • Use 8 clutch, high clutch hub, lightened or OEM style
  • Works with any industry standard 12 Tooth Powerglide high clutch drum flange plate

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