Every TSI Racing Converter is made from 100% New Parts

All TSI racing converter are made of 100% new parts. This includes:

  • New Billet Front Cover
  • New 4140 Hardened finish ground Impeller hub
  • New 4140 Turbine spline
  • New Custom built 073 aluminum stator or
  • New Custom built steel stator CNC milled or unmilled
  • New Furnace brazed Impeller pump
  • New Furnace brazed turbine
  • New Torrington bearing (3 per converter)
  • New anti ballooning plates
  • New screw on pilot to adjust to midplate

Every TSI Racing Converter is Spragless

If 90% of converter failures are caused by a slipping or broken sprag, why put one in a racing converter? Since the TSI patent on spragless racing converters expired, every racing converter manufacturer, except one, offers a spragless racing converter, thus dispelling the tired argument that a spragless converter is slower There is no better form of flattery than imitation of a superior product. With no sprag to fail, a spragless converter is more consistent and durable. We recently did the 1st stall adjustment on an 8” spragless converter built in 1984. That is unsurpassed durability for even a spragless converter.
Transmission Specialties has been building spragless racing converters for 30 years so no one has more experience building this racing converter.

Free Stall adjustments in the first 90 days of use

We at TSI want the best MPH and E.T. from your racing converter so we offer a 90 day “free stall adjustment” provided the combination has remained the same. No other company in the Industry offers this service as we want you 100% satisfied with your purchase.

Courteous and Knowledgable Sales Force

We expect every call to be a positive experience for every customer. All the salespeople at TSI appreciate the value of the customer, and treat him or her in a fashion they would expect. Some of our technicians have over 30 year experience in the transmission and converter business so there are very few areas where they are not knowledgeable and helpful. We know how difficult it is to gain a customer and how easy it is to lose one…you will find our sales force to be friendly and appreciative of your business.

Extensive Inventory of Racing Converters

Transmission Specialties pours the profits back into the business so we keep a huge inventory of spragless racing converters in stock. 90% of orders placed before 3 pm are shipped same day and the other 10% will ship within 24 hrs. Since we make all our own converter parts, we are never out of stock, so, if necessary, making a new converter from scratch is never an issue.