Powerglide “Fat Shaft” Oversized 1-1/8” Input Shaft, Pump and High Clutch Hub Kit





When you’re looking for the best Powerglide setup, the TSI “Fat Shaft” is the only way to go. This setup includes an oversized pump, 300M 1-1/8” fat input shaft and a billet 35 spline high clutch hub.

Unlike other kits on the market that simply press out the factory tube and press in a new one, our stator tube and stator design has been completely reengineered to ensure that the tube will not spin and stays in place. Other press in kits simply use fine splines to secure the stator tube to the stator body. There is no other positive locking mechanism to keep them from spinning on other designs. Our design has 4 precision machined hardened roll pins inserted into the tube and body. This positively locks the tube and stator together and will NOT spin. Secondly, our design has set screws in the stator tube that go into the stator body which makes it impossible for the stator tube to thrust upward. The pump is a brand-new high-quality casting that is precision machined with bushings pre-installed.

Our oversized 1-1/8” input shaft is a billet 300m design. Our shafts are proven to well over 2500HP. This shaft is precision machined from US sourced 300M and all machining is done in the Aston, PA. We use ZERO overseas steel or machining in our oversized kits. The other kits on the market are utilizing cheap import steel and the machine work is done overseas as well.

Lastly, we include a 35-spline billet high clutch hub. This hub is mandatory to hold big power. Due to the large spline diameter of the shaft, this hub must be used. Other kits use 17 spline hubs on some builds, this kit will prove to fail time and time again at the small 17 spline area.

This kit must be installed into either our Powerglide 35 spline planetary assembly or a Sonnax 35 spline planetary assembly.

Additional information

Planetary Gearset

1.80 35 Spline (+$1200), 1.69 35 Spline (+$1200), I have a 35 Spline Gearset Already ($0)


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