Chrysler Mopar TorqueFlite 727, “Super 8″, 9” 4000-6500RPM Stall Torque Converter

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Chrysler Mopar TorqueFlite 727, “Super 8″, 9” 4000-6500RPM Stall Torque Converter

As the innovators of the spragless converter, Transmission Specialties is renowned worldwide for the highest quality racing torque converters. As the innovators for the industry, we know what works and what doesn’t. There are no smoke and mirrors here, just the highest quality racing converters built from the best materials money can buy. TSI is the world’s largest supplier of racing torque converters components. Nearly every other converter company in the world uses our components in their builds. We are happy to present one of our most popular converters we sell.

The TSI Super 8 9” Billet Torque Converter is the perfect converter for the racer with 800-1200HP. This converter uses all NEW internal components, NO reclaimed parts are used in the building of these converters. Only the highest quality billet front covers, furnace brazed pumps and turbines are used. Our stator designs are revolutionary and will give you lightning-fast launches while still coupling hard on the top end.

A few notes about the sprag options you can choose from. Customers that want the most consistent ET will want to select the Spragless Option. By selecting the Spragless option you eliminate the one-way clutch in the stator. The one-way clutch is not only a failure point but it leads to inconsistency due to slippage. The only negative of the Spragless design is the inability for the stator to freewheel. This lack of freewheel will slightly lower the ET and MPH versus a mechanical diode or sprag setup. The mechanical diode option is available for those racers who want to shave the last little bit of ET off and increase MPH. By selecting this option, you will now have a stator that is allowed to free wheel after reaching its stall speed. This free wheel action allows the oil to flow smoothly from the turbine to the impeller. This smooth oil flow allows better coupling which results in improved ET and MPH. The mechanical diodes we use at TSI are the strongest in the industry and have been tested for over a decade in the most demanding applications!

After making your selections and putting the item in your cart. You will be prompted to fill out our converter build sheet before submitting your order. Using the selections, you selected and your build sheet, the engineers at TSI will hand craft a custom converter for your specific application. We do not sell “off the shelf” converters. Each is hand tailored to your application! Our converters feature the following:

  • New furnace brazed and tig reinforced impeller
  • New furnace brazed and tig reinforced turbine
  • Billet cnc machined front cover
  • Billet Stator
  • Billet 4340 Impeller hub
  • Billet 4340 Turbine hub
  • Anti Balloon Plates
  • Torrington bearings throughout, no plastic or bronze thrust washers
  • Precision internal clearances to maximize coupling on the big end
  • Computerized balancing to insure smooth operation
  • Robotic welding for a leak free converter while saving weight
  • Pressurized and leak tested after welding
  • Maximum runout of .005”
  • Hand built to your specifications by our engineers

Additional information


Mopar / Chrysler

Fuel Type


Transmission Type


Stall Speed

4000-4500, 4500-5000, 5000-5500, 5500-6000, 6000-6500

Sprag Design

Spragless, Mechanical Diode

Stator Material

Cast Aluminum, Billet Steel

Bolt Circle Pattern

Chrysler Bolt Pattern w\ Ring Gear, Small Block Chevy Pattern (No Ring Gear), Big Block Chevy Pattern (No Ring Gear)

3 reviews for Chrysler Mopar TorqueFlite 727, “Super 8″, 9” 4000-6500RPM Stall Torque Converter

  1. tsirace

    Speed quality is superbbb

  2. tsirace

    Product is broken from the corner sides

  3. tsirace

    Not okay.

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